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Terms and Conditions:

This offer is brought to you by DKM for Villas Del Oro and limited to guests 30-70 years of age  (one in party) with a household income of 60K or greater. If you are cohabiting, both must possess a photo identification with the same physical address. Couples must attend the presentation together. All guests must provide a photo ID along with a major credit card only as second form of ID. Your ID will not leave your hand and information can be blacked out for your security if you choose. Guest who have attended this presentation or any of a similar product within the last 12 months are not eligible for this promotion.  No group travel is permitted. Employees of Villa Del Oro  or any other travel company are not qualified for this promotion. Owners of Villas Del Oro are not qualified for this promotion.
*Vacationers are responsible for federal, state and local taxes, deposits, gratuities, baggage fees (if apply),  registration fees(if apply)  ground transportation and all other incidentals associated with the vacation they choose. No purchase of any kind is required to receive one of the attending gifts... Guest is only required to complete a 90-120 minute vacation ownership presentation.  You have an entire year to use your vacation.  Blackout periods may apply but are limited to major holidays. This Advertising Material is being used for soliciting interest in the sale of vacation ownership.

The location of this promotion is 222 E Houston St 3rd floor. San Antonio, TX. This promotion is by invitation only... Please do not arrive without an appointment as you will not be permitted to enter.

Seven (7) Night's and Six (6) Days Aboard the Norwegian, Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Ports located throughout the U.S. to all areas of the East, West Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico.

(Retail Value up to $1299.00)

Your Choice of Six (6) Days and Five (5) Night's Studio or Four (4) Days and Three (3) Night's One Bedroom Resort Accommodations.

You can choose to stay locally or leave the state...Locations coast to coast from California to Florida to Maine!

(Retail Value up to $895.00)

Three (3) Days and 2 (Two)

Night's Hotel Accommodations including a $100 Entertainment Certificate.

Standard accommodations at national chain hotels (Days Inn, Marriott, Best Western, Holiday Inn, etc..) Entertainment voucher can be used toward any type of entertainment you choose while on vacation; Theme park tickets, movies, shows, concerts, etc...

(Retail Value up to $699.00)

You are invited to our showroom on *Frontage Rd in San Antonio for our special event.  As our guest we will show you the latest trends in travel in a brief, interactive, group forum. Before you leave our showroom we will give you your choice of  fabulous attending gifts below...Guaranteed!  You are not required to purchase or sign up for a single thing ...Ever

You are not required to purchase, join or  sign up for anything...Ever, You simply have to be present...That's it!  

We want all of our guests to leave with a positive and pleasant experience.
There are only a limited number of seats available so reserve yours now!

* Due to individuals arriving without an appointment, exact location is only provided at the very bottom of this page and on your confirmation letter with specific directions to our showroom after you submit your online form . We apologize for the inconvenience