Q. This is too good to be this a scam? (Most popular question)

A. Simply... no, this is not a scam. Logically an offer that appears to

be a scam would not have restrictions

and generally would not provide a valid business contact number. 

We also never ask for any security information

such as social security numbers or credit card numbers.

(This entire site is encrypted therefore any information

provided by our guests is secure...please note the padlock on

the left upper corner of your browser.)

All secure sites should have the letter 'S' after the http.

If you do not see that letter on any website you visit, especially if you

are entering any personal information then the site you are using is

NOT secure and you are

open to identity theft, scammers and financial risks.

Q. How can a company afford to give away such high ticketed

or gift cards?

A. We are in the travel industry so we can pass on our

savings to our guests

hence using our advertising dollars into
purchasing lots or blocks of these attending gifts at a

huge discount which again, goes to our guests.

The profit margin (retail vs wholesale) in the travel industry is


therefore we have the ability to 'give' these

vacations to our guests for attending our events.

Q. I am attending a promotion and the gifting for my time is a PC Touch Pad
Tablet/Netbook computer

or even a Visa Gift Card, is this an item that I will actually receive at the

A. Yes, all guests will receive the PC Touch Pad/Netbook or

Visa Card before they leave the
showroom.  This is not a voucher or mail in

form but the actual electronic device/Visa Card.  
One per couple.

Q. If I am participating in a promotion that gives me a paid vacation will I

be expected to pay for anything including the taxes on the
vacation I choose?

A. No, You will not be required to pay anything when you arrive

at the welcome
center or showroom.

The taxes on the vacations are not due until you get home

and are ready to
make your vacation plans with the travel company.

Taxes are not required on
instant gifting; electronic devices, gift cards.

Q. Am I required to purchase anything at all to receive

one of the vacation packages
or electronic devices?

A. No, you are not required to purchase anything.  

These vacation gifts/ electronics
are our way of thanking you for taking the time out of

your schedule to come and
see us.

Q. Are there any 'black out' dates?

(Dates the vacations cannot be used)

A. Yes, you cannot use the vacation packages on any major holiday

(Christmas, New Years, July 4th, Labor Day, etc...)

Q. How long do I have to use my vacation?

A. One year from the date you tour the welcome center/showroom.  

Vouchers are
date stamped before you leave.

Q. When will the promotion end?

A. The promotions do not have a specific time frame.

 They generally run from 4 to 6
weeks, but do vary.

Q. Do I have to bring my spouse or life partner?

A. If you are married or cohabiting, you must bring your spouse

or life partner.

Q. I already participated in this promotion, can I attend again?

A. Guests are only allowed to participate in a promotion one time

every 12-13
months, please check terms and conditions at

the bottom of each location page.

Q. What if I am married but my spouse will not come, can I say I am single?

A. No, if we find out a married guest does not bring their spouse they will be
disqualified and not be gifted.

Q. Can I bring my children or other friends to the showroom/welcome center?

A. Some promotions allow children and one guest for

a single person and some do
not. Please ask the vacation specialist if the promotion in your area

will allow
children to the showroom/welcome center.

Q. Can I refer my family or friends to participate in this promotion?

A. Yes, as long as they qualify they may attend any promotion, however

they cannot arrive the same day

and time as your scheduled appointment.  This is considered a
quinella and all but one couple will be disqualified.

Q. Do I have to choose which vacation I want immediately?

A. Depends on the site, some will require your choice of

vacation options so we can have them

ready for you when you arrive, other site certificates 

give you the choice of vacations to

choose can decide which one you would like when you get home

are ready to make your
vacation plans.

Q. Why are the hotels or resorts not listed for the vacations

that include accommodations?

A. All the hotels/resorts used for the vacation packages change

depending on the time of
year the guest chooses to travel, however

all are 'national chain' hotels/resorts. 

These promotions are operated by hosting

vacation clubs

and resorts as
an advertisement.  Resorts and Vacation

clubs use advertising funds to
buy these vacation packages 
in volume at
a discounted rate. Advertising funds are generally

used for costly
television, magazine and/or direct postal mail

advertising...however we
have found that these paid vacation packages have

proven to be an effective tool in showing

guests our appreciation

for their time
and referrals in the world of timeshare, travel clubs

and vacationing.  




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