Open House Vacation Promotions &Travel Events

  DKM is a small marketing company which has been bringing vacation promotions to people throughout the country since 2003.  We pride ourselves in personal interaction with our guests rather then automation which is very important to most if not all consumers.

   Our company is hired as a mediator between the travel company and the people  i.e. you. Your satisfaction is our main priority. If we feel that any vacation or travel companies have failed to provide our guests exactly what they expected we will follow up aggressively until it is resolved.

  Before we enter into any contract with a vacation promotion, we will conduct a search on any problems or complaints and if there are any to be found which are substantiated we will not participate in their promotion...Period.

  DKM is paid simply for generating qualified people to the travel promotion and you are never required to make any purchase to receive the paid vacation. DKM will never use any information provided by you, either verbally or on our online forms for anything other then the vacation event.

  Please keep in mind that we do not schedule your reservations for you we only schedule you to come to the showroom to receive a paid vacation in the form of certificates that are date stamped and coded.  After the discourse you will be gifted and when you get home you can make your travel arrangements at your leisure however the vacation expires in one year and cannot be replaced.

  You are welcome to contact use several ways...You can fill our an online form in the city you are closest to. You can also give us a call or email us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your valuable time




P.S. Yes, That handsome young man at the bottom of the home page is my son.  There is not one day, not even one hour that I don't think about him.  It's truly a wound that will never, ever heal...Until I see him again.